SOME LIKE IT HOT… but not too hot!

Growing up, I’ve always liked sitcoms that told a story.  Stories that not just talked about real life situations and issues, but that made fun of all of our daily challenges.  The funnier the story, the better it captivated me.   I also liked stories that had me wait until next weeks show to find out what comes next?  In my mind, these shows were a blue print to my future challenges.


            Some of my favorite shows were “Leave it to Beaver,”“The Wonder Years,” and of course, “Seinfeld.”   These programs made light of our human experiences.  I figured, if this is being used on TV shows, then we aren’t the only ones experiencing these issues.


            If you read my other blog, Ooops, I did it again,” you’ll understand the origin and beginning stages of me becoming a new parent.  You’ll read how life taught me that I wasn’t as smart as I thought I was and that I can learn something from anyone.  Also, it taught me how I should listen more, judge less and watch everything!  As I watched “Leave it to Beaver” and “The Wonder Years,” I got to see characters grow from young kids to young adults.  I got to witness their faults, observe their challenges and see how things worked out for them.  As a parent now, I got to see how other parents dealt with their children’s dilemma’s.  I know that these were only television sitcoms but it was the only guide book I had at the time.


            My company, SafeHolmes Designs, LLC., has developed a product that prevents toddlers from turning on the sink water faucets.  Our Faucet Handle Safety Restraint works on most standard style sink handles.  In referencing my favorite sitcoms, family issues that I thought were exclusively in our home were also in homes all around me.  SafeHolmes gets many emails from parents saying things like, “Why wasn’t your product around when I had small children? We could’ve used your item a few years ago and saved us the major water damage that occurred from their small child turning on the sink faucets, letting the water over-run the bathroom areas and causing hundreds of dollars of damage.”


            As caregivers, we all want to keep our loved ones safe from accidents or things that can cause them harm.  The reality is, we can’t stop everything.  SafeHolmes is trying to give a little extra care where we can.  One of the most impactful and heart-wrenching emails that we had gotten was from a parent whose child had suffered severe arm and face scalding from hot water.   Similar to my child’s situation, the toddler had turned on the water in the shower for a period of time, allowing it to become very hot.  In the efforts of playing in the water, slipped, fell in the shower and was seriously burned.




            When tap water reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit, it can cause 3rd degree burns in just 5 seconds.  According to “Over 500,000 scald burns occur annually in the United States.” The two highest risk populations are children under the age of 5 and adults over 65.”


Hot Water Causes Third Degree Burns…

…in 1 second at 156º

…in 2 seconds at 149º

…in 5 seconds at 140º

…in 15 seconds at 133º


            In effort to keep our small children and those with special needs safe at home, and whether its protecting them from water related accidents or in-home accidents in general, here are a few tips that can be of aid to you:


  • Continuous supervision is a must,
  • Applying adequate safety precautions,
  • Using cabinet and drawer locks where cleaners and pills may be found will prevent them from opening doors
  • In bathrooms, toilet locks can be used to prevent play
  • Our SafeHolmes Faucet Handle Safety Restraint is a good alternative
  • Turning down the temperature on the water heater helps from hot water scalding
  • Using knob-locks on stoves with handles that a child can reach
  • Moving sharp items like knives far away from a child's reach in kitchens




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Looking for a lock to prevent special needs child from turning on kitchen sink faucet. He grabs it and sprays hot or cold water and can reach faucet

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