Helping keep kids safe at home

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"This truly works,....WOW!"

Sandy Sueman - Fort Collins, CO

Helping keep kids safe…at home

Here at SafeHolmes, part of our mission is to inform and educate consumers (parents and care-givers) of the importance of safe-guarding their homes.

In addition, our goal at SafeHolmes is to provide PROACTIVE products and solutions to protect your loved ones.


Why SafeHolmes?

When I became a parent and my son was almost 3 I left him to put something in our kitchen for literally less than 2 minutes when I heard the sound of running water. As I ran to the back room, I found that my son had entered our bathroom and turned on our bathtub faucet and was falling into the tub when I grabbed his leg. From that point on I decided I was going to create a product that would prevent situations like this from happening in any household.

And since that time I’ve heard similar accounts (some turning out good and some not so good), which has been the catalysis that has sent me on this mission to educate care-givers about safe-guarding their homes and thus helping to prevent these occurrences.

The Ultimate Solution

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Crafted with care. Made in the USA.

Faucet handles styles that fit

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“All licensed childcare providers should be required to use this type of product in childcare facilities. It would ease a parent’s mind and prevent dangerous situations for children!”

“With the support of families and childcare programs, this product could potentially alleviate the dangerous potential for young children being severely burned.”

—Shani R., (Project Manager & Mom)

“Keeping children safe is important because it only takes seconds for them to get unintentionally hurt.  I’m glad SafeHolmes is leading the charge in keeping homes safe for kids.”

–Danielle F., (Graphic Designer & Mom)

“There are products that make claims and then there are products that exceed expectations. For the money these are a great set of products.

–Doug G., (Industrial Designer & Dad)

“I love that you create products that help keep kids safe!”

–Tamara M., (Wife, Mom & R.N.)

“It (the safety restraint) is to the point and makes perfect sense.  Very good.  Looks like a great product that I’ve never seen before.

… the product is relevant for the serious problem you are trying to solve.You are very talented.  Great job!"

–Ted W., (Foreman & Dad)

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