Safe Always Happens

    As a young boy, I joined the Boys Scouts of America.  It was fun. One of the things that made it fun to me was being put in situations that I would normally never deal with, while being in a controlled environment, that challenged me on how I would deal with or get out of.   Because I'm an analytical and systemic type of individual, I liked being challenged by "what would I do now in this situation?"  Even if I couldn’t figure out how to resolve the situation, I knew that help was always there and at the end of the day I could simply go home, watch tv and hopefully I would’ve learned a good life lesson.  

 I looked at all those experiences as a game, a 4 dimensional puzzle to be figured out, a precursor to the modern day "Escape Rooms" that are in so many cities today.  Admittedly, at times I got frustrated wondering, why do I need to learn this or that?  I'm never gonna have to deal with this or if so, it won't be for a long time from now and I'll deal with that then!  Learning how to tie different types of knots, learning what to do if stranded in the woods, what to eat and not to eat and how to maintain until help comes to rescue me.

Well, now that I’m an adult and after experiencing various challenges and trials though out my life, I've learned that life doesn’t give us a manual for what to do when in a particular situation.  Nor, what to do when a particular challenge is overwhelming and how you can resolve it.  In fact, I’ve found that life gives you the opposite of support and encouragement.  Life has never had a cheer leading section screaming “You can do it, you’re almost there!”

I’ve learned and am still learning to embrace those past challenges of life.  That many of those challenges were life lessons, though at the time seemed like torture were actually bootcamp to future challenges. I’ve learned and am learning to enjoy the victories as well as the failures; and that at times, the failures taught me more than the victories and how to prepare for the next… believe me, there will be a next, and another next and yes, another next.

As we at SafeHolmes, continue to develop new products for our customers, we try to expect the unexpected and give options for various areas of safety concerns within the home and bathroom for toddlers. As I continue to experience the challenges of life, I better understand the Boys Scouts moto to"Always be prepared!"











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