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About SafeHolmes


Here at SafeHolmes, our mission is to inform and educate consumers (parents and care-givers) of the importance of safe-guarding their homes.

Our goal is not to discuss dangers in our homes but on the education of home safety and on being proactive with home prevention.

   “Life has a funny way of teaching us things…”

When I became a parent and my son was almost 3 I left him to put something in our kitchen for literally less than 2 minutes when I heard the sound of running water. As I ran to the back room, I found that my son had entered our bathroom and turned on our bathtub faucet and was falling into the tub when I grabbed his leg. From that point on I decided I was going to create a product that would prevent situations like this from happening in any household.

Baby touching shower handle 2

And since that time I’ve heard similar accounts (some turning out good and some not so good), which has been the catalysis that has sent me on this mission to educate care-givers about safe-guarding their homes and thus helping to prevent these occurrences.


 Our future goal: Faucet Handle Restraints  – Design inspired by the actual event:

SafeHolmes Designs, LLC. located in Fort Collins, CO., is a product design firm whose future vision is to create and develop innovative and practical items for home use. Founded with the initial intent of being proactive in developing quality products to keep small children protected from in-home accidents, our products will include items that make home a safe and friendly environment and make tasks easier for product users.

“Helping keep kids safe…at home”