Lost password?

A Dads tale

Flushed away... (part 1)

Am I the only Dad to have experienced this?
I, like most people today use a smart phone… a very expensive phone, as most people today do also; and find myself tied at the hip to my phone.
Recently I was at a friends house and stepped into the kitchen to make a phone call.  After the call my friend needed me to help him move some furniture so I laid my phone on his kitchen table and left.  After returning, my phone was no longer where I had just left it???

Did I misplace it?

Did someone borrow it??

Did a ghost take it…Where had my phone gone???

When off I looked to the first floor washroom and I see my friends little 2 year old child with wet sleeves.  “Uh-no” is my first thought…but I knew!  After entering the bathroom and to my misfortune sat my expensive mobile phone resting at the bottom of a clean, wet toilet.

Thankfully, my friend offered to pay for my phone but because I had a protective case it actually started working later that night.  But here’s my question to you:

Have your kids flushed anything?            And if so, what???


 “Helping keep kids safe…at home”

Phone in toilet