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Actual material is high strength nylon and different from product shown.  Product shown is shiny and for illustration purposes.

Protecting the ones we love...
means being proactive in safety
Have peace of mind knowing the faucets are locked
Because accidents happen when we least expect them, be proactive in prevention
Attaches to faucet in 1 minute or less
Easy for adults, NOT easy for small children
Similar to children, seniors have thinner skin which puts them at risk for hot water burns

This means protect the young as well as the young at heart
Coming Soon...
Shower Handle Restraint

             Don’t let your child or loved one be scalded by HOT WATER!!!

   Video Spotlight

                         WHEN ORDERING PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS IS INCLUDED FOR FASTER DELIVERY. Please contact us if you have questions:  (SafeHolmes@aol.com)



                                                     Please check out the Youtube video:

                                                   Make Safe Happen –

 Nationwide (Insurance) 2015 Super Bowl Commercial

The #1 cause of childhood deaths is preventable accidents.  


 SafeHolmes is doing its part to prevent water and bath related accidents.



    “The faucet restraint Handles are a brilliant idea!”




“All licensed childcare providers should be required to use this type of product in childcare facilities.

It would ease a parent’s mind and prevent dangerous situations for children!”

“With the support of families and childcare programs,

this product could potentially alleviate the dangerous potential for young children being severely burned.”

Shani R., (Project Manager & Mom)




“Keeping children safe is important because it only takes seconds for them to get unintentionally hurt.  

I’m glad SafeHolmes is leading the charge in keeping homes safe for kids.”

–Danielle F., (Graphic Designer & Mom)




“There are products that make claims and then there are products that exceed expectations.

For the money these are a great set of products.

–Doug G., (Industrial Designer & Dad)



“I love that you create products that help keep kids safe!”

–Tamara M., (Wife, Mom & R.N.)



“It (the safety restraint) is to the point and makes perfect sense.  Very good.  

Looks like a great product that I’ve never seen before.

“… the product is relevant for the serious problem you are trying to solve.”
You are very talented.  Great job!
–Ted W., (Foreman & Dad)









“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”